Great sharing about healing from scoliosis

In the summer of 2006, I started attending classes at Dahn and continued my training in energy. I became much more flexible and stronger. In July 2007, my Center manager, Donnie, suggested that I attend DahnMuDo School. I am so glad that he encouraged me to go. Although not always fun, DahnMuDo School was truly a life changing experience. First, we worked on loosening our muscles, meridians and joints and doing a lot of brain respiration so the left and right hemispheres of our brains would communicate more effectively and be more flexible. My brain was so tired. The days were so long and then we would meet early in the morning, as the sun would rise. Even though we did not sleep much and exercised so much, we were able to accumulate more energy and not feel tired. As the days went on, I could feel my spine becoming more flexible and by looking in the mirror, my spine looked straighter.

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