Brain wave vibration offers stress relief, research says

When exercise falls short of healing the body and soothing the mind, Dahn Yoga brain wave vibration may be able to help. Recent research conducted at the Seoul National University College of Medicine, Korea, has found that such a moving meditation system may contribute significantly to stress relief and feelings of positivity.

The study, which appears in the journal Neuroscience Letters, analyzed the blood levels of stress hormones in a group of healthy participants, half of whom regularly engaged in Dahn Yoga brain wave vibration.

This mind-body relaxation system is, in essence, a blend of meditation, tai chi and yoga that allows practitioners to focus on reconnecting their mental energy with their physicality.

“Mind–body training…is known to facilitate the process by which the negative thoughts that generate negative brain waves change into positive thoughts that generate positive brain waves,” the team specified.

Researchers found that adults who participated in this system of meditation-in-motion had higher levels of dopamine – a hormone associated with pleasure and reward – in their blood. Likewise, they had lower blood pressure and overall reported stress.

These results suggest that yoga, meditation, stretching, tai chi or a combination of these activities can lead to stress relief and serenity in those who practice them regularly, researchers concluded.


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