Dahn Yoga recognizes how much mothers matter

By offering family-based meditation and yoga classes for kids and adults, Dahn Yoga goes the extra mile for the deeply set bond that kin makes possible. However, this is not the only way that children and parents benefit from turning to the holistic mind-body system. In honor of Mother's Day – which is on May 8th, so mark your calendars – Dahn Yoga is making a Mother's Month Special Offer.

Since a mother does more than anyone else to make your life cheerful, content and peaceful, Dahn Yoga and Health Centers has made it clear that it thinks moms deserve a whole month of special treatment. With that in mind, all mothers will receive 10 percent off a new membership during the month of May.

Whether a women's maternal duties constantly keep her on the move or she merely finds herself feeling stressed and anxious, classes in yoga, tai chi, meditation and body tapping can help her release some of the tension that collects along the body's energy corridors.

As far as Dahn Yoga is concerned, there are 31 Mother's Days in May this year, and moms of all ages should consider taking advantage.

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