There are endless reasons to love yoga

Whether it’s because it relaxes you, keeps you fit or helps you stay sane after a long day in the office, there are a million things to adore about yoga. Recently, readers of the popular health website FitSugar wrote in with the reasons that they love yoga.

Several individuals said that as long-distance runners, they need a warm-up and cool-down regimen that relaxes them while loosening up their limbs. Besides contributing to flexibility, yoga’s breathing techniques can open up the lungs, releasing toxins and allowing a greater intake of refreshing oxygen.

Another reader wrote that her love of yoga comes from its contribution to her personal equilibrium.

“What I like about yoga is that it truly helps me find balance with my mind and body,” she said. “There are days I leave feeling very stressed and frustrated at the lack of ability to change things. Yoga allows me to have some quiet me time to regroup.”

Dahn Yoga reviews speak glowingly of the special mind-body regimen, which for decades has been helping people of all backgrounds and skill levels stay fit, happy, healthy and connected to others.

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