CCEI announces new course for personal growth in early childhood education

Individuals who want to pursue personal growth in the childcare field understand that this is not always an easy task. It is important for these individuals to stay vigilant in their education in an effort to better themselves in the sector.

ChildCare Education Institute (CCEI) announced that it is now offering an early childhood credential for anyone who is interested in pursuing an education in the field.

Academic officials said that it was important to create this credential in order to boost the offerings for people who are looking to make a break in the early childcare industry. Having a greater knowledge of the field could also lead to more job opportunities for people who are qualified.

“The goal is to increase the education level of early childhood educators and this credential not only does that, but it creates a bridge that encourages educators who get the credential to continue up the education ladder toward a degree,” said Maria C. Taylor, president and CEO of CCEI. “This supports CCEI’s goal to improve teacher effectiveness and ultimately raise the quality of care provided to children.”

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