Walden University announces program to help Georgia students learn about good health practices

As a number of individuals want to get into the healthcare industry in order to help patients who suffer from various illnesses get back into good health, it is important to get a background in the sector first.

Walden University could be making it easier for nursing hopefuls in the Georgia area receive training, as the college has formed a partnership with the North Fulton Hospital located in Roswell, Georgia. This pairing will give people the opportunity to pursue a higher degree in the field while they are still furthering their career. In the healthcare field, it is important to have both a professional and academic background.

"As nurses continue to assume a greater role in healthcare, there is an increased expectation that they should have an advanced degree," said Sara Torres, associate dean of Walden's School of Nursing. "Through the alliance with Walden, nurses of the partner organizations have access to online degree programs that can help them meet increased expectations while providing relevant knowledge and training they can apply immediately on the job."

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