How to get started making personal changes with yoga

Are you looking to make personal changes in your life, to get into shape, to escape from spiraling stress or to simply discover who you really are? Perhaps someone you know has suggested you try yoga. (There are plenty of beginner’s Atlanta yoga classes to go around, that’s for sure.) If so, here is a list of a few simple things to do or think about as you try yoga for the first time.

  1. First of all, you need to think about what areas of your life you hope to change, improve or emphasize. After all, various styles of yoga address different aspects of your being, from your strength and flexibility to your peace of mind and sense of community, the Charlestown Patch recently noted. Only a few truly optimal yoga regimens polish every facet of an individual.
  2. Prepare a bit, both logistically and practically. Are there any yoga programs or community centers in your areas? Are you realistically physically prepared to do a little stretching and posing? Do you own a loose, two-piece, natural-fiber outfit, something long-sleeved and appropriate for yoga classes of all venues? Do you want to practice alone or with others? According to PsychCentral, these are questions you should address before getting into the swing of yoga.
  3. Choose a yoga program that looks right for you. There is no need to commit to an extended period of classes. Most community centers allow you a trial period, during which you can see if the locale, classes, instructors and fellow students all suit you.
  4. Finally, be open-minded. The Patch story emphasizes this, as does an article on Men’s Health. If yoga feels a little funny at first, it is probably because you are unaccustomed to such a simple, novel routine. Riding a bicycle feels awkward at first, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep at it. After all, all the fun is yet to come!


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