NFL running back describes using yoga for making personal changes

Few people can say they've lived the kind of life that Ricky Williams has. At 34, the NFL pro football star is a running back for the Ravens and a licensed yoga instructor at the same time. The holistic system was a key element in his personal change model.

Why would Williams need to change? After all, he won the Heisman Trophy during his senior year of college, during which time he became (for awhile, anyway) the NCAA all-time leader in rushing yards. Williams was then drafted by the New Orleans Saints.

However, life isn't always so easy. Williams has admitted to suffering from severe anxiety and avoidance disorders, for which he at one time self-medicated with marijuana. This period of his life was difficult and almost cost him his career.

However, he found a simple method for making personal changes: yoga.

Today, Williams is a licensed yoga teacher. He regularly leads yoga classes, often donating all proceeds to charity, according to Baltimore Magazine.

He told the Yoga Journal that his very first class as a student changed his life.

"I was rushed with insight into my life and thought, 'Wow, this is powerful,'" Williams told the new source. "After that, I was sold and started going to [yoga] five to seven times a week."

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