Atlanta yoga classes may help women find hormonal equilibrium

Among the many reasons women attend Atlanta yoga classes is the peace and tranquility that can result from an hour or two each week dedicated to the pursuit of mindfulness. While this may not seem like a measurably positive effect, researchers have said that yoga makes a noticeable difference on a woman's hormones – which can be measured, after all.

According to Yahoo! Sports, yoga instruction can benefit hormone levels in three distinct ways. First, the holistic regimen may help women relieve the symptoms of the hormone drop-off that comes with the onset of menopause.

Being able to stabilize hormones is critical after menopause, since women can experience hot flashes, irritability and low libido – which, incidentally, is the second hormonal problem that yoga classes might be able to alleviate.

And the third? The news source said that yoga exercises tend to result in calm and relaxation, which can improve a woman's levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, anxiety and depression.

As if that weren't enough, yoga stretching and deep breathing can also help individuals connect to one another, to nature and to the universe itself. No matter what your age, gender, body type or background, beginners' Atlanta yoga may be able to improve all aspects of your life.


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