Georgia yoga classes include more baby boomers than ever before

As we age, healthy living becomes more and more important. Besides eating a good diet and maintaining an active mind, elderly Americans need to get regular exercise in order to keep their bodies in working order – something many senior citizens in Newnan, Georgia, are doing with yoga.

According to the town's Times-Dispatch, local yoga studio owner Yvette Monet teaches yoga and tai chi to seniors, many of whom say that the regimen has kept their bodies healthy and their minds strong.

The newspaper emphasized that Georgia yoga classes aim at mind-body balance, which is an equilibrium between physical motion and mental clarity. Monet noted that the psychological side of yoga and tai chi is not to be underestimated.

"Emotionally, yoga calms you and helps you through a lot of wrong choices in life," she told the news source, adding that the holistic system also soothes nerves and prevents anxiety.

These effects may be especially helpful for aging adults. Of the nearly 16 million Americans who practice yoga, 18 percent are over the age of 55, according to a poll conducted by the Yoga Journal.

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