Yoga classes for kids promote strong imagination, healthy living

Childhood is a time to be active, creative and social, and believe it or not, Georgia yoga classes can help kids do all three! That's because yoga instruction designed especially for little ones may be able to encourage their creativity.

According to the Saratoga Times-Union, this is one of the main attractions of a yoga class offered by the city's Dance Museum. Program coordinator Susan Edwards told the newspaper that her classes emphasize the mind-body connection by asking kids to pretend to be many different things found in nature, from cobras and flamingos to mountains or trees.

Edwards added that such mental exercises really help youngsters get into yoga, while relaxing their bodies and directing their energy into something quiet and healthy.

"Kids are crazy, they run all over the place," she explained to the news source. "This will help them mellow and chill out."

Similar activities can be found in many Georgia yoga classes, like those offered at Dahn Yoga community centers in Atlanta and other towns across the state.

Many parents love that their kids leave yoga class well-behaved and beaming, full of stories about all the imagination exercises they got to do.

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