Healthy living blog says plank pose is great for strength, balance

If you attend Atlanta yoga classes even semi-regularly, chances are you've encountered the plank pose. This basic yoga position is common to many holistic regimens, including Dahn Yoga, and it may be used to strengthen the back and core muscles while improving balance and stamina.

According to the South Tampa-Hyde Park Patch's healthy living blog, this yoga pose is often half-jokingly called a "resting" position. The joke is that, at first, the plank posture can be a little challenging. However, with practice, "the plank can feel restful in the flow of a [yoga] class," the news source explained.

To perform a plank pose, one can start from a lying position or from one's hands and knees, according to the Yoga Journal.

- First, place the hands about shoulder-width apart. Keep your shoulders firm and your elbows locked.

- Next, slowly walk your feet backward until they are one full body length from your hands. Your shoulders should be directly over your hands.

- If you've formed your body correctly, you will essentially be positioned as if you are preparing to do a push-up. Hold this pose for about a minute, breathing slowly and deeply. If you get tired, lower your knees to the ground. Don't push yourself!


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