Yoga is a key to stress-free, healthy living

What's the best way to reduce stress and improve your chances of happy, healthy living? If you ask Naomi Tsu, a regular attendee of Atlanta yoga classes, the answer is without a doubt "mind-body meditation."

An attorney and de facto connoisseur of anxiety, Tsu told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution that she has to take yoga, or else her tension gets absolutely unbearable.

"[The regimen] makes my stress level livable," she told the newspaper. "After I meditate, things don't bother me as much… If I have a tough conversation with opposing counsel, I don't carry [it] around with me all day."

Tsu and her fellow lawyers are not the only folks whose professions tend to crank up stress and lead to high blood pressure, elevated heat rate and muscular tension. In fact, in several surveys collected by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, between 26 and 40 percent of American adults admitted to being "very or extremely" stressed at work.

Since quitting your job is hardly an option in these tough economic times, it may be best to simply use yoga, meditation and tai chi to decompress as soon as the 5 o'clock whistle blows.


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