In Atlanta yoga classes, kids are priority #1

What can parents do to get kids interested in their health and wellness while encouraging them to be calm, well-behaved boys and girls? Why, enroll them in Atlanta yoga classes, of course!

That's the message of a story recently aired by CBS Atlanta, which featured a community center in the metro area that is helping to bring exercise and self-esteem to local children between the ages of 3 and 9.

Yoga teacher Kim Steen told the news channel that, contrary to what you might think, little tykes are easier to instruct than grownups.

"I think adults are a little more stubborn. You know, kids are more free," she explained with a laugh. Steen added that kids' personal improvements are often more rapid and easier to spot, compared to those of men and women.

"[Children develop] better coordination, balance, lots of motor skills, and you can see the improvement each week, so they build on it and hold the poses longer, and you can just see it, you can see the development," she noted breathlessly, before returning to a yoga class that was just for the young ones.

We're not surprised at her enthusiasm. Here at Dahn Yoga Georgia, the classes we offer for kids, adults and the whole family are often the most popular!


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  1. This is great! Thanks for the love!!!!

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