Yoga: It’s good for healthy living!

For people who take Dahn Yoga, personal change, physical health and mental well-being are top priorities. This is why some people have become a bit concerned following the publication of a new book, which has pointed to rare but serious injuries experienced by yoga practitioners.

The volume, titled The Science of Yoga, was written by William J. Broad, a senior writer at the New York Times. This news organ also ran a long article by Broad summarizing the injuries in question, which included compressed vertebral discs, burst blood vessels and dislocated ribs.

Does this mean that yoga and healthy living are incompatible? Hardly!

As Broad himself admitted, many of the injuries he chronicled were caused by lackluster instruction, practitioners' inexperience or an enthusiast's impatience to get to the more advanced yoga poses.

At Dahn Yoga, our regimen isn't nearly this rigorous. We promote only the gentlest, most refreshing stretches and meditation exercises around. Our teachers always take things slow, and they never encourage painful or contorted poses. That way, you can stop worrying about injury and start focusing on reconnecting your body and mind.

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  1. I wish to thank you for writing this fantastic article. Yoga is an incredible practice which has the potential to alter us all so deeply from the inside out .

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