Jun 13

Tips for managing personal change

Once you've decided to start making personal changes, you have to stick with them. Managing personal change can be difficult. For example, you can make a resolution to work out every day, but then discover a few weeks later that you no longer have the motivation to exercise. If this happens to you, don't feel bad because it happens to everyone. Luckily, there are tips you can follow to help you get back into a healthy exercise routine. 

The Mayo Clinic states that one of the best ways to stay with an exercise routine is to make it fun. For example, do you usually always go to the gym and hit the treadmill? Instead of doing that, consider taking a yoga class a few days a week, which may help hold your interest. 

Shape magazine suggests using vision board to help keep yourself motivate to exercise. These boards can feature a picture of a dress you want to fit into or an image of beach that you want to visit once you get yourself into shape for bathing suit season. 

May 13

While making personal changes, try being a better friend

Making personal changes can be a good way to turn your life around if you feel as though you have been stuck in a rut for some time. However, personal change management isn't always easy, and it can sometimes seem overwhelming to think of where to begin when you want to do something different. One thing that you can do is vow to be a better friend to those around you, especially if you feel as though your relationships have been not so great lately. 

Scientific American published an article where the author recommend that one way to be a good friend is to treat your friends like adults. If they are going through a tough time, don't lecture them like you are their parent. Instead, listen to the issue and tell your friends that you trust them to make the right choices. 

Reader's Digest states that another way to be a better friend is to be sure that you make time for those around you. Schedule a weekly time to call those that you care about to make sure that they know you care. 

Apr 13

Use these healthy living tips to eat better meals

Healthy living isn't always easy, but if you've been finding that you're feeling that you're lacking energy and are carrying some extra pounds, you may want to start making personal changes to get fit.  While it's important to get regular exercise, physical activity alone won't pay off if you're not eating the right foods. Luckily, there are many simple ways to swap out your bad food habits for good ones.

For example, if you usually have a bagel in the morning with cream cheese, you should consider switching to something that is both more filling and lower in fat and calories – like oatmeal. Or, if this switch is too big for you you can simply eat half a bagel instead of a full one and trade your cream cheese for something healthier, such as peanut butter or hummus. 

As for lunch and dinner, try to make sure that the majority of your meal consists of fruits or vegetables, rather than high-fat meats or white bread. This is easy to accomplish if you have a salad for lunch and include a hefty side of carrots, broccoli or any other veggie with dinner. 

Jan 13

How to make a personal change through dieting

Nobody ever said that dieting was easy. While it’s easy to be enthusiastic about making a personal change, shedding weight and eating better in the early days of a diet, before long you may be thinking about reverting to your old habits. Here are a few tips on making personal changes through dieting to keep in mind.

Use a calorie counter
When you’re eating a variety of different foods throughout the day, it can be difficult to know how many calories you’re consuming. To help plan out your meal choices without overeating, consider downloading a calorie counting program on your smartphone or computer. This will allow you to input foods into your daily planner to compare nutritional information.

Drink plenty of water
There will no doubt come those moments during your diet when you want to throw caution to the wind and dive into a tasty dessert. Instead, consider having a glass of water to preserve your good eating habits. Not only is water important for a healthy metabolism, but it can help you feel full and satisfied until your next meal.

Replace your snack foods
There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional snack, but it’s important that you choose the right snack foods when you’re on a diet. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips or unwrapping a chocolate bar, try replacing these with healthier options like fruit slices, yogurt or peanuts.


Aug 12

Vaccine myths and misconceptions debunked for healthy living

While getting the appropriate vaccines is an important part of developing a strong immune system, some people are hesitant to do so because of common misinformation floating around. Making personal changes in diet and exercise, along with being vaccinated, are essential to healthy living. Here are some myths and misconceptions about these shots – just in time for National Immunization Awareness Month.

Better hygiene and sanitation
Many people under the impression that immunization is bad claim that improved hygiene and sanitation processes were responsible for the disappearance of several major diseases, not vaccines. These factors certainly didn't hurt, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention notes that illnesses like measles and Hib didn't begin to drop off until immunization became prevalent.

Vaccines cause child autism
One of the most popular myths surrounding immunization, the idea that vaccines cause autism in children has no scientific basis. TheDailyBeast reports that studies conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics and Institute of Medicine found that immunization is not responsible for the increasing rate of child autism.

Vaccines aren't as important anymore
Due to the fact that illnesses like polio are all but gone in today's world, some parents believe that their children aren't at risk anymore – meaning vaccines are irrelevant. However, Parenting.com notes that there have been reported cases of measles and pertussis outbreaks across the U.S. despite immunization.

Apr 12

Cancer survivors benefit from Georgia yoga classes

Our practitioners are often looking into making personal changes, particularly when it comes to modifying a lifestyle to accommodate illness. The regimen can help soothe the aches and pains of some serious conditions, including fibromyalgia, arthritis and even the lingering effects of cancer. As WRBL News 3 recently reported, yoga is becoming an increasingly popular complementary therapy for cancer survivors.

Yoga instructor Judy Barnett teaches classes to survivors in Columbus, Georgia. She told the news source that the benefits of holistic healing are in the head and the body.

"Mentally, we do a lot of breathing exercises, we do meditation practices and all those things are wonderful, a stress relief," Barnett explained. "[When] you find out you have cancer, you're usually very anxious, and most people don't use their breathing to control their anxiety."

The news channel noted that more and more Georgia yoga classes are offering instruction to patients who have overcome carcinomas.

Such interventions certainly have the research to back them up. Study after study has shown that yoga and meditation can help survivors reduce their anxiety, increase their range of motion, improve quality of life and soothe aches and pains.

Mar 12

Man finds new path, achieves healthy living with yoga

Making personal changes isn't always easy, especially when your life seems too hectic to allow you a moment to yourself. That's what Canadian writer and businessman Richard King told the Montreal Gazette. And he should know: Just four years ago, he was obese, overworked and slogging through a painful divorce.

Today, he is the paragon of healthy living. King has lost 60 pounds, stabilized his emotions, increased his flexibility and retained his legs to run long distance. What accounts for such a dramatic change? Yoga!

In 2009, with his life as rocky as ever, he saw something that changed his whole world. While walking downtown, King stepped into a yoga studio.

"From the reception area, I could see people behind the glass window stretching and posing, and I wanted to give it a shot," he told the news source. Now 67, fitter and more flexible than ever, King said that he is firmly hooked.

"If my life was any better, it would be illegal," he explained, quoted by the newspaper.

That's the healing power of yoga at work!

Feb 12

With yoga, making personal changes can start today!

At Dahn Yoga, we've noticed that our Atlanta yoga classes are more popular than ever, with new practitioners signing up almost every day. It's not all that surprising, really, given the amount of good press lately about the regimen's positive effects for people who are simplifying their daily lives and making personal changes.

Take, for instance, a new article written for the Worcester Telegram by health expert Jane Brody. In it, the newspaper correspondent talked about the latest book by William J. Broad, called The Science of Yoga.

Even though the new volume has caused some controversy for its depictions of ultra-rare yoga-related injuries, Brody explained that it made her decide to finally try the holistic healing routine.

"If the science recounted in this book is correct (knowing Broad, I have every reason to think it is), my creaky joints and muscles may reap some important rewards from an individualized yoga prescription," Brody wrote for the news source. "I'm especially concerned about my back, which is riddled with narrowed vertebral spaces and prone to spasms and sciatica."

Many alternative health experts agree that the mind-body regimen may be just the thing for people like Brody who are looking to make physical and mental changes all at once.

Feb 12

Making personal changes? Start with yoga

For people who are at a fork in the road in their lives, it can be hard to choose a personal change model. Just think how many there are: inspirational books, self-help guides, holistic philosophies, community classes, exercise regimens, one-on-one learning and more! How do you decide which is best for you?

Well, with Dahn Yoga, you don't have to decide, since the mind-body regimen is a bit like all of these activities rolled up into one!

If you're making personal changes, you could hardly do better than joining your local Dahn Yoga community. That's because our sincere, friendly and committed members are all about integrating mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health into one holistic pursuit.

Think of it this way. If you're exercising, are you caring for your mind? No. When studying a philosophy, are you attending to your body? No. By reading a book, are you using your spirit? Probably not.

That's why Dahn Yoga combines all these activities and more! We offer a program that addresses every aspect of a person, from their social persona to their innermost identity.

Try a class! Before you know it, you'll have brought every facet of your life into a calm, blissful balance.

Feb 12

Making personal changes can be as simple as stepping into a yoga class

If you've ever walked past a community center that offers Georgia yoga classes, you may have noticed dozens of happy people greeting each other on their way in or out. What's got all these folks so bright-eyed and bushy-tailed?

The simple answer is that it's the yoga. There's no "secret sauce" that helps enthusiasts in improving their health or making personal changes. Instead, all it takes is a sincere commitment to the mind-body regimen and an open and receptive heart.

That said, explaining what is actually happening to a person's mental and physical health during yoga and meditation…well, that's a little more complex.

You see, yoga isn't just a series of stretches and poses. And anyone who says that is taking the wrong kind of class! Yoga exercises that overwork the muscles and strain the tendons are too taxing on the body, and at the same time, they simply do not address a person's mental, emotional, spiritual and communal needs.

At its root, an effective holistic system like Dahn Yoga consists of the pursuit of inner equilibrium. This means using a full range of tools, including deep breathing, tai chi, qigong, meditation, body tapping and brain wave vibration. Trust us: You'll leave class positively beaming!