May 13

While making personal changes, try being a better friend

Making personal changes can be a good way to turn your life around if you feel as though you have been stuck in a rut for some time. However, personal change management isn't always easy, and it can sometimes seem overwhelming to think of where to begin when you want to do something different. One thing that you can do is vow to be a better friend to those around you, especially if you feel as though your relationships have been not so great lately. 

Scientific American published an article where the author recommend that one way to be a good friend is to treat your friends like adults. If they are going through a tough time, don't lecture them like you are their parent. Instead, listen to the issue and tell your friends that you trust them to make the right choices. 

Reader's Digest states that another way to be a better friend is to be sure that you make time for those around you. Schedule a weekly time to call those that you care about to make sure that they know you care. 

Nov 11

Yoga and personal change management go hand in hand

For individuals who are interested in making either personal changes or a public difference, yoga classes may be the perfect place to start.

Such was the thrust of an article recently published in the Vancouver Courier, which profiled activist and yoga instructor Michael Stone. The long-time enthusiast told the newspaper that he has always felt a connection between the inner life cultivated in yoga class and the external, interpersonal energy found in volunteerism.

"When people start to deepen their yoga practice, they start to make contact with deeper values in their life," Stone told the Courier. "When you start going inward, you naturally also start going outward."

The instructor plans to deliver a lecture on this topic at this year's Yoga Conference and Show. Stone will touch on the relevance of the Occupy Wall Street movement to the daily lives of yoga practitioners everywhere.

Whether it's for public or personal change management, doing Dahn Yoga's stretches, poses and mindfulness meditation is an effective way to discover what you are truly capable of. As an added bonus, the mind-body regimen may be performed nearly anywhere, from a packed convention center to the crowded street corners of Occupy Atlanta.

Jul 11

Those looking to make a personal change in the IT field may be in luck with UWG

Many individuals are attempting to increase their chances of finding a job in this rough economy. With a current national unemployment rate of 9.2 percent, it appears as though all is not well on the job front. Now, people are making personal changes in an effort to adapt to the struggling market. A way individuals are making the leap toward improving their hiring chances is by enrolling in a higher education program that could help boost their credentials.

As a result of the growing number of people pursuing education, more schools are increasing the number of programs available to students in an effort to meet as many subject interests as possible. One such institution to increase its degree offerings is the University of West Georgia (UWG), which recently announced a new master of science in applied computer science, according to the Times-Herald. School officials said that the program will be geared toward students from a variety of backgrounds who are looking to further their potential in the information technology (IT) field.

Interestingly ,the degree program will be available completely online, which breaks the barriers made to some students who live outside of the area but still want to attend UWG in order to advance their knowledge of the IT field. Adel M. Abunawass, the chairman of the department, told the news provider that since the program began in 2002 – although it was classroom-based up until this coming fall – more than four dozen students have graduated with the degree, all of whom were able to find jobs.

Abunawass told the news source that by changing the curriculum to an online degree, it will “open it up to a larger audience.”

The IT field is currently thriving, as many analysts have estimated that it is the field to watch in terms of job creation. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, career opportunities are expected to increase by 17 percent through 2018. However, it’s important those who are looking to further their education in the IT field practice personal change management. While taking online classes may be a way to free up one’s schedule, it is a good idea to ensure that one is not getting too overworked by all of their endeavors.